The Key Features of Innovative Business Teams

Innovative business consists of innovative business teams, teams working with the maximum degree of efficiency.

What is the key characteristic of the innovative business team? Are there many? In fact, there is only one: the team’s ability to succeed in spite of difficulties.

Agree with me, there is truth to it, to achieve success, in spite of the difficulties that you are facing or will face.
What makes this possible?

You can name a number of ways and reasons for success, but individually they will be less effective than all together. It is building a system of many ways of achieving success is the way to success. Let’s look at a system which despite its complexity, functions because of simple rules.

The system of traffic: traffic rules, traffic signals, road markings, traffic participants knowledge aspects of the organization and safety.

What are the key criteria for such system?

1. Rules are described in a single document.
2. Rules have been described in a simple and understandable language, and it practically eliminates ambiguity of interpretation.
3. All participants in the system have been trained.
4. Participants in the system operate within a single environment, adhering to the rules.
5. Has a function of training and monitoring compliance.

Therefore, to create an innovative business team, you need to develop effective performance standard. Under this standard, we are working on all aspects of the team from attracting new employees to achieving results.

Tasks are:

• To attract the best employees (think about what you mean by the best for your business.)
• Ensure that all work with maximum efficiency.
• Create an environment of growth and development of staff.
• Create an environment of trust and loyalty.

Team – a nonstop actions in different situations. Describe how you act in a given situation by filling out a simple table of two columns: Description of a situation, your actions. The table can be extended up to five columns:

  1. Description of the situation,
  2. Your actions,
  3. Anticipated results
  4. The necessary resources,
  5. Responsibilities.

One can say that the team is a system of business processes, but let’s say that a team is a set of actions of team members.

What is the difference?

When we say that the team is a system of business processes, we understand that business processes are the tasks of the business, they have no soul. Team’s actions, go from the team’s task, it is inherent factor of the corporate spirit.

Characteristic features of an effective leader are to lead and manage people, to rally the people. Organize a team – it does not mean to create a fun group. Team – a group of people who want to achieve a common result.

The main problem of many teams, that have not achieved the desired result, is the lack of a document that regulates the actions of team members. In different systems, it has a different name: the statute, code, rules, and regulations. No matter how you call it, it is important to understand why you created it and how you will be using it.

The most important prerequisite for the creation of such a document – to establish clear rules to be followed by all members of the team in various situations. Otherwise, in the absence of rules, your employees will come up with their own rules. Such an initiative, will display your team’s balance: sometimes you will celebrate success, but for the most part you will not be moving to the target.

The standards are the basis for the assessment of any team. Either everyone in your team works on the principle of “every man for himself”, relies on intuition. Or follow a prescribed set of rules and standards. Of course, in emergency situations, we have to rely on instincts, but such situations are not predictable.

Regulations and standards are needed:

  • In order to effectively achieve your goals.
  • To determine the optimal actions in a situation of crisis and stress.

What happens if you act without clear set of rules, in a given situation? You make decisions, either on emotion or based on your previous experience, in any case, you’ll get a completely different result than you could with set of rules.

Regulations and standards is not a comfort zone for your employees, it is an area of effectively using teams resources in various situations.

Where to begin the creation of standards in innovative business teams:

  1. Make an organizational chart of your team.
  2. Identify the strengths of the team members.
  3. Determine what benefits will bring the developed standards. What problems they can solve?
  4. Answer for what you are developing standards: to ensure that everyone is comfortable working with each other, or for you to achieve maximum results.
  5. Create a team profile, which consists of the following components:
    • The aim of the mission
    • the needs of the team
    • the needs of each participant

Each team member needs to understand his strengths and strengths of his colleagues. Your team needs to understand how much power it has to achieve the goal. It is a system of motivation. It is a system of motivation. This approach provides a competitive advantage and allows us to achieve results

Agree, on the one hand nothing is complicated. Everything is simple. Remember a children’s game, where everyone using their strengths is striving for maximum impact. But especially the simple approaches we cannot implement in the business, because we have to maximally complicate our processes due to multiple, often imposed upon us by factors.

One of the common mistakes. Identifying the strengths, at the same time we will define weaknesses in an effort to eliminate them. Do not do it! Eliminating weaknesses in the team members is waste of time, a deviation from the designated target. Work with the opportunities, that you have enough!