Make Your Website a Part of Your Customer’s Lives

All businesses need to do their best to develop some sort of competitive edge. This is definitely true online, where competition is increasing year after year. The early days of the web back in the 1990s are long gone, and companies who don’t develop innovative business ideas are going to have trouble succeeding long-term. If you simply do the same old thing as everyone else, how can you expect your business to thrive?

One concept you should strongly consider if you’re building a new website is to try to make your business a part of your customers’ lives. What exactly do we mean by this? Well, so many websites online are built for short-term profits and no long-term strategy for repeat business. Many marketers build tiny websites to take advantage of temporary loopholes in the search engines in order to make money with affiliate marketing or other forms of advertising. There’s nothing wrong with creating small niche websites, and some marketers have built a very lucrative business with this model.

We strongly recommend, however, that you consider innovative business ideas so you can develop a long-term strategy for online success instead of just having temporary successes. Instead of developing a website with low-quality content just to make a few bucks, why not create a high quality website with interesting and helpful information that your readers will love? Create the kind of content (including articles, videos, and other forms of content) that people will want to tell their friends about. Create the kind of content that you would gladly share with your own friends and family if they needed help on that particular topic.

These innovative business ideas will help you develop better search engine rankings because people will want to link to your content naturally. More importantly, however, you can build a long-term community with dedicated readers who go back to your blog or website on a regular basis and read your content, purchase your products, and click on your advertisements or affiliate offers. These are visitors who will keep coming back to your website no matter what Google and the other search engines are doing at any given time!

How exactly do you make your website a part of people’s lives? Well, we’ve already mentioned one of the ways, which is to create great content so your readers will continue to come back to your website after signing up for your e-mail lists or RSS feeds.

In addition to writing great articles and possibly creating other forms of content, you should try to make your website more interactive if at all possible. There are blogs who make a killing with advertisements, for example, because they allow the visitors to submit photos of their pets or to upload homemade videos. There are also interactive websites that allow visitors to vote on your content so they can feel a part of the community and make a contribution. You can also allow blog commenting, forum posting, and other methods to allow users to contribute and feel like a part of the website.